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Cyber Security Policies and Procedures Development

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is a formal set of rules by which those people who are given access to company technology and information assets must abide.

Database Development and Management

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is applicable to any class of DBMS, not just a relational approach. Database application development is the process of obtaining real-world requirements, analyzing requirements, designing the data and functions of the system, and then implementing the operations in the system.

Business Continuity Planning

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  • Develop acquisition schedules, project plans, Statements of Objectives and Independent Government Cost Estimates;
  • Conduct market research and draft acquisition alternative documents;
  • Develop Acquisition Strategy Plans, Source Selection Plans, solicitation documents and evaluation criteria.

Computer Network Exploitation (CNE), Computer Network Defense (CND) (CAN)

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Includes enabling actions and intelligence collection via computer networks that exploit data gathered from target or enemy information systems or networks.

Information Assurance, Security Assessment and Testing

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refers to the steps involved in protecting information systems, like computer systems and networks. There are commonly five terms associated with the definition ofinformation assurance: Integrity. Availability. Authentication.

Penetration Testing

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penetration test, or pentest, is an attempt to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may exist in operating systems, services and application flaws, improper configurations or risky end-user behavior.

Digital Forensic Service

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a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation tocomputer crime.

System Architecture Design in Linux, Windows & Unix OS

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is the conceptual model that defines the structure, behavior, and more views of a system. An architecture description is a formal description and representation of a system, organized in a way that supports reasoning about the structures and behaviors of the system.

Certified Reverse Engineering Analyst (CREA), (CEH) & (CCFE)

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Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a qualification obtained by demonstrating knowledge of assessing the security of computer systems, answering multiple choice questions regarding penetration testing techniques.

NET, C++, Python and Java

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Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming language model organized around “objects” rather than “actions” and data rather than logic. JavaPythonC++, Visual Basic .NET and C# are popular OOP languages today.

Rapid Software Development

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is both a general term, used to refer to adaptive software development approaches, as well as the name for James Martin‘s approach to rapid development. In general, RAD approaches to software development put less emphasis on planning and more emphasis on an adaptive process. Prototypes are often used in addition to or sometimes even in place of design specifications.

Vulnerability Assessment

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is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a system.

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